Millennial Glory

It is the end of days and All is in commotion!

Fill Your Lamps

Obama made it in for a second term.

I can hear all of you out there, “How did that happen?” “I can’t believe it!” “I don’t think our economy will survive another term!” …I’m in there with you. My heart is broken and my spirit sickened. When the map of the election is looked at, one sees a sea of red and an outline of blue—and he won?

Then there are the allegations of widespread voter fraud.

In Colorado, in ten counties there were more voters than people!

Obama lost in every state with a photo ID law?

A military vote never counted, massive voter fraud in Ohio, enlarged Obama fields on the voting box screens—the list goes on and on!

We have 20 states in which people have signed petitions to secede from the United States.

The nation is rocking with anger and frustration. On top of all this, not 24 hours later, Obama is lobbying at the UN to try and remove our 2nd amendment right to bear arms!

Our nation is becoming more and more polarized, uneasy and angry. All it will take is one thing to send it over the edge—will it be gas prices? The collapse of the dollar? An EMP attack? There are so many things that could end us, that it almost doesn’t matter.

I see all the scriptures and prophesies unfolding. I see the little horn as mentioned in Daniel preparing to rip three other horns out by their roots. George Soros is the MD of our world. He decides which countries rise and which ones fall and he has declared that America must fall, and so we shall.

But on the flip side, if we must fall then we look to the scriptures to see our path! Devastation will cause the people of Zion to wake up! They’ll remember who they are! They’ll band together and offer safety among them to those fleeing Babylon where chaos will reign. Then we’ll prepare our hearts and be purified by the spirit of fire. We’ll build a city and Christ will walk among us. We’ll rise above the dross of this world and create a society where the Elders of Israel hold up the principles of the constitution, where our children will be raised in peace and justice and that will only be the beginning!

So, have you oil to spare? Fill your lamps, you’re going to need them.


Posted: November 13th, 2012
Categories: Prophecies fulfilled
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